Cob House

Welcome to, a guide dedicated to spreading information about sustainable building, cob building, and architecture. Here you'll find examples of cob structures, a cob building FAQ, videos of cob houses and builders, pictures of various cob structures and even a list of the best books on cob building currently available. Also check out our Do-It-Yourself section for other improvements you can make for your home.

Cob Construction Basics:

Cob is a building technique utilizing a mixture of straw and clay. It is typically wet enough to be able to form different shapes, but dry enough to build upon. Due to it's fluid consistency, cob is often used to build unique structures such as curved walls, niches, and arches. Many newcomers to the craft learn to build cob dwellings through workshops or by books describing the techniques. A list of our favorite books can be found at the links to the left.